National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

Medical Entrance:

NEET Though the system is been designed with positive objectives, expecting favorable medical consequences, It has surrounded with people’s perception about the system implementation. These are National Eligibility cum Entrance test has some of themes of importance consists of themes1, and themes 2
  • Theme1:  This single system for medical entrance would solve the stress due to the complexities of numerous entrance tests It would save time, energy and money of the students.
  •   This system is certainly a positive growth towards the quality enhancements of the medical education standards in India.
  •  The MCI has designed the system very strictly that all the admissions would be made merit based and even, it is insisting the same standard for management quota too. 
  • The fact that at the end of every academics, there were numerous students running to the Supreme Court requesting justice on the cases, where they were treated worst due to the flawed questions could not be forgotten! 
  • The efforts and consideration of MCI on these issues are really appreciable and the thought of single medical entrance test and it is definitely would be a perfect solution to these problems of test.
  • Theme2: Now, the medical competition has become an open ground, as it would be the common entrance medical test and it would be controlled by the central board. 
  • When the entrance exam is implemented nationwide, the State level policies and regulations wouldn’t be taken care of! The system didn’t include the management quota seats;  Having created a standard quality system based on merits, but creating a loop hole to management based seats would not complete the purpose of its creation. Earlier, the students had many opportunities of writing the entrance tests;
  •  So, the chances of getting a seat were high; if a student loses in one entrance exam, then he/she could work and make it on the other, but those opportunities would not be possible in this system. 
  • It is a single medical entrance system, hence the chance is only one; really meager! Hence, if a student loses in this exam, it would end up in shattering his/her dreams on medical field! The AIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) has been the top medical educational provider from its inception in the year 1956.  which is a dream to any medical student. Since it is a single medical entrance system for around 30, 000 medical seats, the consistent of quality and implementation of error-free system is highly questionable

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